Les Disparates
Direction: César Vayssié

Based on the performance of Dimitri Chamblas and Boris Charmatz

The second choreography by the duet composed of Boris Charmatz and Dimitri Chamblas, Les Disparates, premiered at the Dijon festival Nouvelles Scènes in 1994. Joyful and nostalgic, this work for a dancer and Toni Grand’s sculpture evokes fragmenting «states of dancing». Brought forth without transition are the performer’s conflicting desires and (tugging) physical intentions.

Dancing in Disparates
dance engaged and crafted by pathos
dance traced and distanced
dance rhythmed by the memory of celebration.
In 1999, through the eye of César Vayssié’s camera, Les Disparates became not a «video-dance», a dance film or a musical comedy, but rather a short film, empirical and intuitive.
"Cinema allows the integration of dance into reality, the use of its various forms of expression as the peculiar codes of an ordinary story.
Talking cinema has been around a long time. Les Disparates is a sound film, but without words pronounced. Without dialogue, cinema often retains traces of theatrical vocabulary. It resorts to grimaces to make itself heard. Beyond that, the force of the image, the power of the choice of frame, movement and the multiplied points of view produce meaning.
The choreography of Boris Charmatz and Dimitri Chamblas can be a contemporary equivalent of this way of investing the image. It has already escaped from the straitjacket of dance, it has thrown off the dancer’s mask, it integrates the full palette of cinematographic emotion - or rather simply emotion itself - from laughter to grimace, from the weight of feelings to the lightness of the body, of his own in any case. It is an abstraction of cinematographic narrative."
César Vayssié

Length: 22 min

Interprétation :

Boris Charmatz

Format 35 mm
Optic sound, mono
New HD restored version in 2019

Director of photography: Madjid Hakimi
Sound engineer: Pierre André
with the participation of Olivier Renouf
Choreographic assistant: Julia Cima
1st direction assistant: Jean-Luc Gargadennec
2nd direction assistant: Aurélie Mormesse
Production assistant: Maud Desfachelle
1st camera assistant: Pantxo Arretz
2nd camera assistant: Xavier Castro
Electrician manager: Gilles Papillon
Electrician: Claude Antoniades
Technician: Jacques Callier
Photograph: Frédéric Kihn
Editing: César Vayssié
Grading: Bruno Patin
Mixing: Philippe Gourat, Francis Joly, Art Sonic
with the participation of Studio Time, Philippe Bensoussan, Rémy Péronne
Production direction: Angèle Le Grand and Aïssa Liateni

Distribution: Terrain
Production: Motrices - Téléma - association edna - Dieppe SN - Musée de la danse (2000)
with the participation of ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Direction de la Musique, de la Danse, du Théâtre et des Spectacles et du Centre National de la Cinématographie
with the support of Dieppe Ciné Assistance

Created in 2000, the movie Les Disparates won the second price at Festival Springdance cinema 2000 (Utrecht, Pays-Bas)

Cover picture: © César Vayssié