Association Edna

Created in 1992 at the initiative of Boris Charmatz and Dimitri Chamblas, the association Edna supported their first choreographic works, A bras-le-corps (1993), Les Disparates (1994), followed by the production and dissemination of Boris Charmatz’s numerous pieces, from Aatt enen tionon (1996) to La danseuse malade (2008).
In parallel to the activity of creation, the association has developed, in collaboration with Angèle Le Grand, projects aiming at defining a space open to a variety of experiments, at finding working modes and forms of presentation that would develop the full critical potential of dance/the dance show, let it deploy its richness, its flexibility.
This expanded conception of dance has motivated a number of actions: thematic sessions (about light and visual arts), film productions, Hors-série (special edition) programs that included several projects developed by the Edna team (Danse, cuisine et cinéma by Myriam Lebreton; Combinaison-s and La Chaise by Julia Cima; Horace Benedict by Dimitri Chamblas and Aldo Lee; Jachères by Vincent Dupont…), installations (Programme court avec essorage by Gilles Touyard), exhibitions (Complexe; Statuts), the establishment of spaces for reflection, critique, and encounter (Ouvrée; artistes en alpages; Entraînements—série d’actions artistiques), the development of hybrid forms aiming at a plural approach to dance and to the body (Facultés; Education; L’invention du geste), as well as book publications (Entretenir: à propos d’une danse contemporaine, co-authored by Boris Charmatz and Isabelle Launay; and Je suis une école by Boris Charmatz).
Having supported BOCAL (a pedagogic research and creation oriented project, or rather group research around the idea of school) which brought together fifteen students for 13 months in 2003–2004, the association Edna produced two creations: Visitations by Julia Cima, a program of solos by twentieth-century choreographers and régi by Boris Charmatz,a trio with Julia Cima and Raimund Hoghe. In 2006, four years after héâtre-élévision, the association featured Quintette cercle, a portion of the former show in a live version. In 2007, the association produced the film Une lente introduction directed by Boris Charmatz.